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Corona Update

GOOD NEWS: We are open!

From Wednesday 28 April. It is now clear that prevention is very important. In accordance with the policy of (the dentists and cosmetic doctors) of KNMG, we will restart our consultation hours. Of course with appropriate policy and taking special measures into account, because keeping this pandemic under control and preventing infection remains very important. These measures include:

* the day before the consultation you will be called to ask if there are any complaints (or with a housemate)

* you will also receive this question on the day of the consultation

* we ask to you to come alone. In principle, escorts are not allowed into the clinic and are requested to wait outside.

* mandatory disinfection of hands upon entry. We have special resources ready for this.

In addition, the clinic is additionally disinfected according to protocol. Would you rather not come to the clinic?

Ask for the possibilities of our Health Check at Home!

See you at Holland Health Clinic!

The Holland Health Clinic team

The future of preventative health care


Enrich your health by knowing your health numbers and biomarkers

We are a clinic for preventatieve health care.
We offer annual Health & Hormone Checks and monthly Health Control Programs.

Today, 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Our certified physicians and team of medical specialists are trained in functional medicine, meaning they use nutrition, stress endurance, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to help you balance your lifestyle and prevent disease while thriving in today’s fast paced world

What do we offer?


Our approach to preventative healthcare starts with you

We combine our whole body approach and evidence based nutrition, stress, lifestyle, cutting-edge technology, and diagnostic testing to deliver real life-changing results

Health Check
360 holistic view


A complete health & lifestyle check and evaluation, including essential lab tests to begin your path to a better health.
– 3x doctors consults (intake, results, follow up)
– 4x specialist evaluation (cardiologist, nutritional specialist, motion scientist, psychologist)
– 31x blood lab tests
– 10x biometers (BMI, fat%, blood pressure etc.)
– 3x psychological tests
– 8x motion exercises
– 5x metabolic assessments
– 7x days activity & sleep tracking
– 5x vital organ analyses
– 1x electrocardiogram
– 1x hearing test
– 1x burn-out risk score
– 1x metabol syndrom score
– 1x green zone evaluation
– 1x lifestyle evaluation, plan and advice

Hormone Check
Determine your Hormone Balance


A balanced hormone check and evaluation, including essential hormone lab tests
– 3x doctors consults (intake & results)
– hormone specialist  evaluation
– over 10 blood lab tests
– 10x biometers (BMI, fat%, blood pressure etc.)
– 1x psychological tests
– 5x metabolic assessments
– 1x hormone zone evaluation
– 1x lifestyle evaluation, plan and advice

NEW! Corona Check

Do you want to know if you have had Corona? We have the most reliable test available in the Dutch market. 

Fast, simple and good to know

The test is carried out by a laboratory in the Netherlands that meets the highest  quality requirements (ISO 15189). We have been very satisfied with their safety, reliability and customer service for years.

There are 3 types of tests available:
1) PCR virus load test. This test is performed on the indication of the GGD if you have corona complaints such as fever, cough, cold.
2) Antibody rapid test. These tests have been designated as insufficiently reliable by RIVM. We believe that too.
3) Antibody serology test. Sufficient bloodsample is sent to our laboratory to demonstrate the amount of antibody IgG from the SARS-COVID-19 virus. Because of the accuracy, at Holland Health Clinic we deliberately only do this specific antibody lab test (serological test) and not the rapid test. Ideally, we would also like to have “instant happiness” with such a quick test, but there is no point in an uncertain result. With the antibody serology test you will get your results within a few days: one of our doctors will inform you by phone. And if you wish, we can send the results to you via PDF. A little less fast, but simple, and very nice to know your exact result.


To balance your lifestyle, we offer three comprehensive monthly health programs

Health Control Programs

Monthly plan & guidance

We determine 3 programs

1. Health Control
For people who want to live healthier and want to be coached by a doctor and guided by medical experts

2. Weight Control
For people who want to pursue their optimal & stable weight level

3. Stress Control
For people who want balance their stress endurance and who want to learn how to (better) deal with all kinds of pressure

Who are we?
Doctors who listen and understand your needs

Our doctors and (medical) specialists are trained in functional medicine, which means they look at the big picture, taking into account: pshygological (in)balance (Mind), physical fitness (motion) , personalised nutrition (metabolics), your motivation and a variety of innovative, evidence based health lab – and biomarkers (Measurements). 

Our team of doctors and (medical) specialists

Our scientific executive board

Our price plan

We offer a variety of health lab services, health checks and monthly health control programs.
But first things first. Book a free consult to get to know your doctor and determine your specific needs

Corona Check

  • Antibody serology test
  • We perform a venipuncture (blood draw in the elbow fold) to collect enough blood to be tested in the laboratory.
  • You will get your results within a few days (at most 7 days)
  • You will receive the results via a PDF.
  • You can always discuss the results with the doctor.

Redefining preventative health care


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‘50% of adults have at least one chornic condition – the majority of which is modifiable or reversible’
The Centre for Disease, USA

‘Changes in lifestyle have a direct effect on gastroenterology, cardiovascular deseases and asthma’
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